CFC60 Challenge Kickoff

Help us promote the 2021 CBACFC Kickoff by creating a CFC60 Challenge video.

Use your phone or a virtual meeting platform to record your CFC 60 Challenge, submit your video, and share your video with your agency to engage staff with 2021 CFC. Your CFC 60 challenges can be anything using a denomination of 60. (e.g., 60 push- ups, 60 minutes phone free time, 60 second holding your breath, etc.…)

Here are some additional options or create your own challenge:

  • CFC60 Mile Challenge – organize lunchtime walks as a group
  • CFC60 Fitness Challenge – fitness activities (sit-ups, burpees, hit 60 golf balls…)
  • CFC60 Acts of Kindness – make a pledge of 60 volunteer hours
  • CFC60 Charity Challenge – challenge your team to learn about 60 CFC Charities through watching videos or reading their stories

Once you decide which challenge you will launch for your agency, make a short video demonstrating or explaining the challenge and submit it. It can be between 10 and 30 seconds.

We encourage you to use your own phrasing. The following language is merely a way for you to get started. Be creative and have fun!

I’m/ We’re (Name) from (Agency/Office) and my/our CFC 60 Challenge is the ____________________________________________.

Join in and create your own challenge!
Be one of the faces of change by supporting the CFC.

Submit your video here by September 10.