Spirit of the Community Honors

Many external factors impacted the campaign (and our lives) in 2020. The global pandemic and its impact on our physical and mental health, our overall wellbeing, the nation's economy, widespread federal teleworking, and a national election cycle resided at the top of the impact list regarding the campaign. Throughout the year, one thing remained clear: the federal community’s generosity and commitment to making a positive difference in the world remained strong even when facing unprecedented challenges. Donors in our zone contributed $100,544 during OPM’s April – May Special Solicitation and nearly $4.6 million during the traditional fall 2020 CFC. The zone saw an 8% increase in donations over the 2019 CFC total, a remarkable achievement given the challenges of the 2020 CFC to see our federal community give a further $335,000 to assist those facing uncertainty. On behalf of all of those in need who will benefit from this outpouring of generosity - THANK YOU!

Please take a moment to click the name of each winning agency below to learn how that particular agency rose above this year's challenges to contribute to the remarkable and life-affirming 2020 total.

Congratulations to all of our Spirit of the Community Award winners!